Snowbee Horse

Company History

— since 1978 —

Continually designing and developing innovative new products can be challenging, but it
is a challenge we have undertaken since 1978, in order to provide you the rider,
with products designed to enhance your riding pleasure. 

It is with great pleasure that we present the latest edition of the Equestrian
catalogue, showcasing the latest in creative design and innovation..

In addition to considering the comfort and welfare of our horses it is essential that we
consider the comfort and welfare of the rider. For the past decade therefore we have
worked on developing riding equipment that is suited to both purposes. 

We hope that you find original products of interest to you. 
The brand name is synonymous with quality and originality and is
recognized world-wide by professionals and amateurs alike. 

Our success is in no small part due to the continuous feedback and ideas we receive
from you, our valued customers, which allows us to continue to develop innovative new
products. We hope this will be evident in the following pages, so please take some time 
to browse through our new product range and do not hesitate to contact us for service 
or assistance. We constantly strive to develop and refine our products to offer the
best quality and value available. We invite you to share our enthusiasm for
all things equestrian and thank you for years of loyalty and the trust you put in us.